“A business or career is not built on one sale or one product. But on relationships, resources and a team delivering messages and solutions that solve real problems by educating your clients about what they don’t know.” ~ S Roberts Co-Founder NACFA
What is NACFA?
NACFA is an educational platform dedicated to providing professionals with a program and content from our Legacy Partners who provide services and strategies every day to help their clients reduce expenses, increase cash flow, and keep more of what they make or profits from the sale on highly appreciated assets.
What is required of a legacy partner?
Our Legacy Partners provide the content for our SCFP certified and accredited program as well as conduct “focused” programs through our Enlightened Mind division with our Legacy Partner MENTUM. Knowledge is the key and being informed is a benefit. Along with our Legacy Partners we believe in helping everyone to learn what they do not know so they can make more informed choices.
How does someone make money with NACFA?
NACFA is an educational program. All NACFA members have the option of working with our Legacy Partner MENTUM to offer ‘Team Based’ solutions to their clients and use our CORE A-Team process to actually sell more of their core services or products.
How will the SCFP coursework?
NACFA has partnered with an online LMS platform to engage our members through an intuitive interactive outline. Our course has 3 main sections: ‘Found Money’, ‘Borrowed Money’, ‘Saved Money/Tax Accounting Solutions’, ‘Business Support’, ‘Business Development’, ‘Transition Planning’, and ‘Applying the SCFP Curriculum’.
How can I work with a legacy partner?
By becoming an Ultra member of NACFA.
What is unique about NACFA?
The collection and diversity of the Legacy Partners and the solutions they offer as well as the ability to obtain certification as a Strategic Cash Flow Planner.
How do I use the services of the Legacy Partners?
Through our primary Legacy Partner MENTUM we have a full diagnostic and all of the tools to evaluate your prospective clients, educate them on solutions and then help you to implement the solution while positioning your core services and products as part of that solution.
How do I sell more of my core services and products?

Using Mentum and it’s back office ‘CORE Team’ we will help identify your core service or product and ‘tee it up’ using our strategies to enhance your core offerings.

Can NACFA become my main business focus?
No. NACFA is meant to help you increase the sale of your core services and products by opening doors and our team will help you to position your services and products and use ours to open the door.
Who is MENTUM?

MENTUM is a Legacy Partner of NACFA.

Who is the best client for NACFA's services?
During the SCFP course we will outline who is best qualified for each strategy but generally speaking, people who want to keep more of what they make or want to increase their cash flow.
Can I use the services of the legacy partners if I do not join NACFA?
No. NACFA and its Legacy Partners work hand-and-hand to support, encourage, and promote each other in our core businesses.
Do I have to join MENTUM too?
MENTUM is a Legacy Partner of NACFA’s that offers a turn-key business and all the tools needed to help your clients learn about these strategies and then implement those that will help them increase their cash flow.
Do I have to align my core business with one of your firms?
No. NACFA sole purpose is focused on helping you/your business operate at a higher level.
Do I need special licensing to work with any of the legacy partners?
Who are NACFA's competitors?
There are many firms that may offer similar services but none that will educate you about how each of these services work and who can benefit from them as well as offer you the ability to partner with their Legacy Partners to educate your clients and then help them implement the strategies that will solve the biggest problems they face.
Why should I introduce these concepts or strategies to my clients?

These concepts are designed to help educate your clients about ways to increase their cash flow or improve profitability and our team will help you to position your core offerings so you will sell more of your services or products.

Is NACFA or and MENTUM an MLM?

As a former service member, our founder has designated a portion of all NACFA's proceeds to further Veterans Financial Literacy through the Navy SEAL Foundation, and Wounded Warriors Family Support. For more information email GiveBack@naocfa.org

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