Services & Strategies Offered Through Our Legacy Partners

SCFP® Certification/ Accreditation

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The National Association of Cash Flow Advisors is the intersection of Experience and Resources for anyone who needs to understand the power of Cash Flow, how to increase it, and to ‘keep more of what they make.’ NACFA provides what you could refer to as the blueprints for success.”

Services Offered Through Our Legacy Partners

Balance Sheet Analysis


Bridge to Success


Building Business Value


Building Development


Building Funding


Business Turnaround




Capital Retention Strategies


Captive Insurance Companies


COBRA Administration


Concierge Transition Planning for Drs.


Cost Containment


Daily Pay


Debt Elimination


Debt Restructuring


Deferred and/or Delayed Capital Gains


Employee Benefits Tela-doc


Employee Benefits Unique cost reducing large group alternative


Engineered Cost Segregation


Expense Management


Fractional CFO


FSA/HSA Administration


Grant Searches


HR Support


HR Technology


Merchant Processing payment Platform




People experience platform (PXP)


Proactive Tax Planninng


Property Management Software


QP/IRA Preservation


R&D Credit


Risk Management


Specialty Tax Planning for Drs.


Succession Planning


Tax Minimization and Avoidance


Transportation Processes


NACFA is a Veteran owned company and a portion of ALL revenue will be used to further Veterans causes, organizations and projects. For more information visit or email

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