What are the benefits to Join NACFA?

Affiliate Membership

$195.95 monthly

Access to our members, opportunity to present through MentunEM format.

Basic Membership

$60 annually

Access to our site directory, Access to freebies and funding offers.

Essential Membership

$49.95 monthly

Access to and featured in our site directory, Access to non SCSP® related programs. 6 week Overview of the SCFP and MENTUM a 30,60,90 day intro to NACFA and SCFP and MENTUM. ‘A game plan and paths to revenue’.

Ultra Membership

$149.95 monthly

(introductory charter membership $89.95 monthly to the first 500)

Access to and featured in our directory, ability to obtain SCFP® certification, discounted ‘YEXT’ subscription, discounted ‘Activecampaign’ subscription.

NACFA is a Veteran owned company and a portion of ALL revenue will be used to further Veterans causes, organizations and projects. For more information visit www.naocfa.org or email GiveBack@naocfa.org

Ron Palmiter USMC

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